Hamburg Wheel Tracking Machine Comparison

LASTRADA Partners is investing in balanced mix design; developing innovative modules in our software with data import capabilities and other inventive solutions.  Our first addition is a comprehensive HWT test for measuring rut performance.  

Along with using LASTRADA's Hamburg Wheel Tracking test, labs should identify and purchase HWT equipment that best fits their unique needs. In an effort to make researching HWT equipment easier, we gathered the top six companies who manufacture these machines to ask them a series of questions in a video interview format. 

In each video interview, LASTRADA Partners asks the same eight questions to get a brief overview of the company, learn about each company's equipment and their unique features, the safety measures in place for the Hamburg machine, the standards the machine is compliant with, recommended calibration and maintenance, the company's service and support options, and building requirements for installation. We also discuss the future of Hamburg Wheel tracking and other rutting index tests.

This page is not intended to recommend any one machine, but rather to equip potential buyers with the information to make an informed decision. 

The companies and their respective videos have been listed on this page in alphabetical order. You can click their name below to jump to a company overview and recorded interview, or simply scroll down the page. 


May 6th, 2021 5:01 AM / by Sydney Lang


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Other Hamburg Resources

In an effort to provide education and resources for the construction materials industry, LASTRADA Partners creates videos on topics where we see interest. Watch our other videos on Hamburg and balanced mix design below, and be sure to lookout for our upcoming game-changing balanced mix design software module.