Quickly Compare Asphalt QC and QA Data without Leaving LASTRADA™


There is significant value in proactively comparing asphalt quality control and quality assurance data.  But because of the effort required to complete the analysis, it's often only done when there’s a problem.

The process of comparing QC and QA data has been seamlessly incorporated into LASTRADA™ so your team can access and compare the data sets with minimal effort, allowing you to proactively identify and address minor deviations before they become a problem. 


September 26, 2019 11:03 AM / by Alexis Goddard


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How Does the QC/QA Comparison Work in LASTRADA?

The In-Module Navigation and Report Builder features built into LASTRADA facilitate this incredibly simple process. Here's how it's done:

  1. Duplicate the QC sample and mark it as "verification". If desired, you can also change the lab assignment. 
  2. Enter the DOT's numbers for the binder content and save that number.  
  3. Run the report template in LASTRADA that automatically compares QC and QA data.

This LASTRADA report template has QC and QA numbers in both tabular format and chart format.  As with any template in LASTRADA, both the table and the charts can be modified by any user to meet their specific needs. 


Regularly comparing QC and QA data is important. It's often only done when there's a problem, because it's cumbersome requires double data entry and involves maintenance a specialized spreadsheets.

In this lightning demo I'll show you how LASTRADA removes these barriers so you can incorporate this valuable process into any quality control program without adding work to your tax staff.

First we duplicate the QC sample we market verification. We change the lab assignment if desired. Then we enter the d-o-t numbers in this case 4.31 on the binder content. We save that number. Then we run a template in LASTRADA that compares QC and QA for us. This template has QC and QA numbers in both a tabular format and charted. As with any template in LASTRADA both the table and the charts can be modified by any user to meet their individual needs.

For more ways LASTRADA can improve your quality process check out our other Lightning demos at www.lastradapartners.com/resources or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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