Stop Report Requests From Interrupting Your Focus with the Integrated Report Builder


Whether you're a lab tech, a lab manager, or an engineer, when someone asks you for a CMT report, it typically means completely switching gears. If you're working in Excel or another software program, and you're right in the middle of important work when the request comes in, you have to stop what you're doing, exit out of, or minimize the window you're in and switch to a new window to generate the report. That's certainly one way to break your concentration. 


May 9, 2019 11:00 AM / by Kara Murphy


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We have enough distractions to manage over the course of the day.  Reporting doesn't have to be one of them.

The Integrated Report Builder

In LASTRADA™, the integrated report builder allows you to quickly and easily generate a CMT report from any module you're working in. And it's so simple, generating a report takes just three quick clicks: 

  1. Click the document icon CMT Report Icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the module you're working in
  2. Click the report you want to run from a list of custom reports
  3. Click the OK icon CMT Report Save

Generating the report is fast and easy, and when you close out of the report, you're right back to where you were working.

For more information on how LASTRADA helps private 3rd-party labs and internal engineering labs, visit our laboratory solutions page.



Let's say you are a lab manager or a lab tech or a engineer and you need to make a report but are working in Excel
or another software program. It's really not a smooth process to generate that report, especially if you are in the middle of working on something else. Most likely you have to stop the work you are doing and close out or
minimize the screen you are in. It's a complete interruption to the flow of work you are doing. A total break in focus right? Reporting doesn't have to be such an interruption any more.

In LASTRADA, we have integrated an intuitive reporting platform with every single module
to make reporting simple and easily accessible. I am Kara with LASTRADA Partners and in this Lightning Demo, I am going to show you how quick and easy it is to generate reports from any module in LASTRADA. Take a look.

From every module in LASTRADA, you see this edit document icon on the bottom tool bar. So from wherever you are, you can simply select the document icon and LASTRADA will filter through the reports presenting you with the report options that apply to the module you are in. From here, select report click okay and your report is complete. When you are inside of the report just click on any cell to modify the report to meet your needs.

A library of reports is available in the Customer Resource Center on our website. You can customize any reports you have imported from the Customer Resource Center, or you can build and save a custom report from within our template tool box.

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Download Your Free Resource: Conversion Chart for Common Sieves  (sieve#/mm/inches)


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