TXAPA Magazine, Improving Quality to Reduce Cost

Winter 2019

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Improving the quality of asphalt and aggregate products may increase the cost of those products, but that does not tell the entire story. That small increase in product cost will pay dividends throughout an organization. Improving quality is like selecting the right-sized piece of equipment for the job. A larger piece may cost twice as much to operate per hour, but it does the job in a fourth of the time. The cost to do the job is half, and you get an opportunity to go do another job.

The effect is the same in asphalt production. Reducing the number of product failures by improving quality will increase the number of paving days a crew delivers, increases the tons through a plant, reduces run time at a plant to produce those tons, and more. Producing consistent aggregates may increase the cost to produce slightly, but it will also lead to reduced waste and improved reserve utilization. With improved quality, the benefits to an organization far outweigh the incremental production cost increases.

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