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LASTRADA™ Release 475 is now available!



Apr 25, 2019 1:30:00 PM / by Alexis Goddard



Here are some of the highlights:

Sample Management:

  • Sample management has a new column "sender" to the sample selection dialogue.

Testing Program:

  • All test for the receiving inspections of aggregates have been connected to the testing program.
  • Column sequence within the task planning is now adjustable via dialogue box. 

Automatic Reporting:

  • New functions for sending several reports at the same time.

Atterberg Limits:

  • New items have been added to the context menu of the Casagrande diagram.


  • You can now register 8 sub-samples and switch between them via the new radio buttons.


  • Wheel tracking slope has been added to the new declaration dialogue which can blind in and out via the dialogue configuration button.

Mix Design:

  • You can now empty all aggregate related fields via one push of a button.
  • A new filter group for the mix design has been added to the plant-based selection dialogue.
  • A new field has been created in the Aggregate Blend page offers now the possibility to register values for the tests Cleanness value, and Sodium Sulfate soundness.

Quality Control:

  • Tables within the quality control template are now able to adjust their table wraps automatically.
  • The new FPC dialogue has additional fields for entering values for Cleanness and Sodium sulfate soundness.
  • A new read-only field has been added to the Bitumen properties page to show the bitumen density coming from the specification.
  • Automated Soluble binder content (ASTM D8159 - 18) has been implemented to the new FPC dialogue. 


  • In the Bitumen module the refinery field will be read-only for samples with achived refineries.


  • A new test for determining the density by weight per gallon cup (D6937) has been implemented for emulsions (ASTM D2397 and D997).
  • As residue tests the following have been implemented ductility (Temp2) (T51) Elastic recovery (T301) DSR and MSCR test (T315/350) as well as Ash test (T111).


  • When using delivery tickets with LASTRADA, it is now possible to create new samples as well as new concretes in one go. 
  • You can now only show concrete or certain QC-groups in the sampling schedule.
  • Relationships and adjustments can now be copied to other plants.


Current users can view a full description of the release notes here: Release 475




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