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LASTRADA is always evolving to keep up with the changing needs of our customers and our industry. LASTRADA Partners releases up to 6 updates a year, where we implement customer-driven enhancements, industry-related changes, and general usability improvements.

Below you'll find our current release notes, with highlights for each producer type and module. We also provide a link to our Customer Resource Center, where users can download the latest release and read detailed release notes.

December 9th, 2020 8:03 AM / by Alexis Goddard

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plus-sign-gold  506 Release Notes December 2020


Testing Program

    • A new dialogue that shows a summary of sample(s) with reference to the Testing Program at a glance.

Sample Management

    • New text module  in Textual Description of Site
    • New field called Delivery Ticket


    • Upgrades to the NCR Module
    • Email distribution lists are saved for a plant/mining site/refinery

    • Attach the test report of the reference sample and of the control samples when notifying stakeholders



    • A new feature to send calendar appointments to field technicians


Master Data

    • Fineness Modulus now part of aggregate specifications


    • Flagging negative water contents in red

    • ASTM C88 and AASHTO T104 standards have been combined to form a uniform standard


    • New laboratory, group and sampling type filers in aggregate statistics

    • New Excel export columns

    • New report cell types


Hot Mix Asphalt


    • New min binder content based on geologic formation

    • Changes to the RAP/RAS max addition rules

    • New report cell types and column types

            Master Data

    • New VMA, VFA, VBA (VEA), and VA target production ranges along with existing tolerance +/- options
    • New RAP/RAS starting page

    • Completely redesigned Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test

    • New mix design report cell types


    • New sampling location filter



    • New user defined aging conditions in addition to original, RTFO and PAV

    • New specification construction including new aging conditions

    • New reporting techniques for new aging conditions



    • New failure type drop down in main tests register

    • New de-icing and freezing resistance test





Current users can download the current release and view a full description of the release notes here: Release 506

The release download is available until December 30, 2020.