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Easily Track Asphalt Plant Settings Using the LASTRADA™ Asphalt Quality Control Module


Aug 1, 2019 11:00 AM / by Dan Ridolfi


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How does your team manage plant settings? Are you still relying on handwritten records?

The LASTRADA™ Asphalt QC Module provides a quick and easy way to track, evaluate, and adjust plant settings.  

To document plant settings, the process is very simple: 

  1. In your sample, click on the sample's Header from the left side menu.
  2. Click the pencil icon to access the sample's declaration in a new window. 
  3. Click to create a new blend.
  4. Click the pencil tool to edit the new blend. 
  5. Update your settings.
  6. Click to save the new settings and return to your sample.

Using documented plant settings is also very simple in LASTRADA.

LASTRADA report templates all contain row types, cell types, and column types that define where the specific information from the LASTRADA database should reside in each report. Included in the library of cell types, row types, and column types are plant settings, along with flag options to show when a plant setting has been changed, when a job mix formula has been changed, and when an asphalt mix design is being reported from multiple projects. LASTRADA users can download a template from the library in the customer resource center and modify cell type assignments and flag settings to achieve a custom version of the report.


To learn more about how LASTRADA Partners can help you streamline workflows, improve quality and reduce costs, speak with one of our engineers or schedule a personalized demo.  



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