Change Calculations to Match Specifications with a Single Click in LASTRADA™

Specification requirements vary from state to state. Without a good system in place to manage these varying standards, working in multiple states becomes a logistical nightmare and can lead to errors. LASTRADA makes it easy to manage unique agency requirements with one selection from a drop-down menu that applies the different calculation rounding, reporting precision, and unique equations for states. See just how easy it is in our Lightning Demo below. 



April 15th, 2021 5:01 AM / by Alexis Goddard

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Set Asphalt Mix Design Standards

Use the dropdown menu highlighted below to select the correct standard for your project. The calculations will be made following the requirements of the state/standard you select. State Difference Asphalt Declaration software example


State Differences in the Asphalt Declaration Module

This project is set to ASTM/AASHTO standards, and is reporting to the nearest tenth. The results of all the tests are reported below in the correct format for this standard.


When you change the standard, the changes are reflected in the declaration. We switched to Michigan state standards, and the report now shows the 2 decimal places. 

Sate difference software example


With LASTRADA, managing various states differences and standards becomes easy. With the click of a button on our straightforward menu, you can be sure you're reporting in the right format. If your state isn't already in our system, we will add it. 

For more information on how LASTRADA helps asphalt producers, visit our asphalt solutions page.




Working with different state requirements can be logistically challenging. As the difference between agencies are more complex than knowing which test method to perform, agencies specify calculation rounding, correct reporting precision, and sometimes their own equations. This variation in standard can lead to errors if not followed correctly. I'll demonstrate LASTRADA's simple drop-down menu that manages unique agency requirements.

Here is a mixed design done for an airport project in Michigan. I want to use this mix design on another airport project and now I will change this to ASTM/ASHTO, so the calculations are for that agency. I have taken this mixed design into production in LASTRADA. We call that a declaration. Here's the project for our runway set to ASTM/ASHTOW for the FAA. The mixture I have selected is to the nearest tenth for that standing. I want to show you the impact of changing the state drop-down, if I change it back to Michigan, you can see another decimal place has been added among other changes.

For more ways, LASTRADA can simplify your work, check out our other lightning demo videos at or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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