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August 15, 2019 11:00 AM / by Kara Murphy




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Three simple yet powerful features built into LASTRADA™ give new users an immediate and pain-free productivity bump, making change management easy for you and your team. 

1. Multi-Monitor Support

Teams working in multi-monitor environments have undoubtedly reaped the benefits of increased daily productivity.  Unlike other QC platforms, LASTRADA was built with this added efficiency in mind. 

All modules can be accessed simultaneously across multiple monitors, and users can easily set up modules to automatically display in the desired position every time they launch a module. 

2. In-Module Navigation

In LASTRADA™, you don't have to close out of your work to find the information you need.  For instance, if you're recording binder test results and need to reference a mix design, you can access it directly from the module you're in without navigating away from your work. 

3. Custom Menus

With the flexibility to customize menus, LASTRADA users can choose the information they desire to see first, and move less relevant information out of their immediate view, resulting in reduced distractions increased efficiency.

Implementation Support

The industry engineers at LASTRADA Partners work one-on-one with new teams to optimize workspace setup and ensure implementation is smooth and successful.


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