Track Deficiencies and Make Continuous Improvements Using the Non-Compliance Reporting Module in LASTRADA™


No matter how much planning and preparation goes into your work, issues will still arise. Staying ahead of problems and having a system in place to quickly record and categorize them makes it much easier to monitor recurring problems to identify themes and notify stakeholders. In this Lightning Demo, we'll demonstrate how easy it is to track common issues as they occur using LASTRADA's non-compliance reporting module, ultimately decreasing risk and minimizing negative consequences. 



December 17th, 2020 5:01 AM / by Greg Reader

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QC Technician Perspective

As you enter test data, non-standard deviations and non-conforming materials are identified through visual cues in the bottom left corner.  The visual clues are: green = all tests within applicable limits, orange = one or more tests outside action (internal) limits, but within specification, red = one or more tests outside specification range.

Non-Compliance Reporting - Asphalt Mix Sample


Non-Conformity Report Module

Quickly alert stakeholders, identify tasks involved with the investigation, communicate with responsible parties, escalate to upper management, and more using the table shown below.

Non-Compliance Reporting - Non-Conformity report


Upper Management Perspective

Use the NCR Overview module to see all the non-conforming reports. You can use filters to narrow down themes to view the problems at a certain plant, what caused the issue, the problem area, the date the problem occurred, and more. 

Non-Compliance Reporting - NCR Overview


LASTRADA makes it easy for both QC technicians and management to communicate and track issues in order to mitigate future problems and reoccurrences. Our NCR module also allows for the efficient communication of issues to non-LASTRADA users through a dynamic PDF. 



Issues happen, no matter how much planning and preparation you do. But having a system in place for recording, monitoring, and categorizing issues that allows you to easily notify stakeholders and identify recurring themes can greatly help mitigate future problems.

In this Lightning Demo, we'll demonstrate how LASTRADA's non-compliance reporting module makes it easy for users to track common issues as they happen to minimize the consequences of problems and decrease risk.

From the perspective of a QC technician, as I enter my test data, I have visual cues to identify any non-standard deviations or non-conforming materials. I can hover my mouse over that visual cue to identify the specific property. In this case, it's binder content. From here, I can quickly and efficiently communicate with all stakeholders using the non-conformity reporting module. Within the non-conformity reporting module, I can identify any tasks involved with my investigation, I can communicate with responsible parties, I can escalate to upper management, I can also identify any samples that are splits or re-tests of the investigation.

From the perspective of upper management, I would use the non-conforming reporting overview. Here I can see any and all non-conforming reports. I can also identify quickly what the status is, using the visual cues of the colors. If there's outstanding tasks that need to be completed or now I can sort, group, and identify problem areas. By using the overview, I'm able to identify problem areas and utilize this to have discussions with my management group and focus in on areas of improvement.

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