How LASTRADA Adjusts to Michigan and Other State's Regional Requirements

LASTRADA quickly adjusts to differing state and regional requirements, including Michigan. Michigan is unique in its use of banker's rounding and volumetric checks when determining asphalt and aggregate compliance with a specification. Watch this Lightning Demo to see how LASTRADA's two simple selections direct the software to calculate according to Michigan banker's rounding and other features unique to Michigan specifications.



June 30th, 2022 5:16 AM / by Alexis Goddard

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Apply Michigan Rounding Rules

Select the checkbox below to apply Michigan banker's rounding for aggregate production and testing. LASTRADA will automatically apply the rule to the tests listed below. 

Select Regional Settings


Select Regional Settings

Select "Michigan" in LASTRADA's regional setting dropdown in either the Asphalt Declaration or Mix Design modules. 

Select Regional Settings


Use State-Specific Standards in Calculations

Add your Michigan DOT supplied mix design Gse to the asphalt declaration, and LASTRADA will use the DOT-provided Gse for certain volumetric calculations.

State Specific Standards in Calculations


Use the calculator icon shown below to reapportion the sieve loss for Michigan. 

Calculation icon software example


Want to learn more about LASTRADA's Michigan-specific features? Visit our LASTRADA for Michigan page for a breakdown of the features and modules that cater to Michigan producers and labs. 




Michigan uses banker's rounding and unique volumetric checks to determine if asphalt and aggregate complies with its specification. In this Lightning Demo, I'll show you LASTRADA's two simple selections that direct the software to change calculations to Michigan banker's rounding and other features unique to Michigan specification.

To apply Michigan banker's rounding for aggregate production and tests, you select the check box here and LASTRADA will apply this rule to the following tests. For asphalt mix design or productions, which we call declarations, you will select Michigan state in the regional settings.

When required to use the Michigan DOT mix design Gse, add the value here in the declaration and LASTRADA will use the provided Gse for certain volumetric calculations. To apply the Michigan no sieving loss procedure, press this button here to reapportion the sieve loss per Michigan.

Thank you for watching. For more ways, LASTRDA can simplify your work, check out our other lightning demo videos at resources, or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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