How LASTRADA™ Manages Your Laboratory Equipment 


Many companies use a stand alone program to manage equipment outside of their testing software, which adds an extra step and another place to complete work.

LASTRADA's integrated Equipment Management Module allows you to manage your equipment and all of your testing in one place, and it improves overall efficiency by preloading calibration constants into their respective tests automatically.


January 9, 2020 9:03 AM / by Dan Ridolfi

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How Equipment is Managed in LASTRADA

For those who are responsible for managing or calibrating equipment, the Equipment Management Module is set to automatically launch when LASTRADA is first opened, any time equipment is ready for calibration. 

When an item is selected from the equipment list, a new window opens with all of the information necessary to manage equipment for AASHTO R18. This detail includes:

  • specific equipment-related information
  • predefined calibration procedures
  • calibration intervals and alert periods
  • equipment photos
  • equipment documentation, such as manuals and data sheets used for calibration
  • historical calibration results

Additionally, LASTRADA automatically saves calibration constants and uses them in test methods. For example, when testing for aggregate specific gravity, the latest pycnometer data (weight and volume) is automatically loaded into the testing module.  When necessary, the data that is pulled in can be manually overridden.

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For more information on how LASTRADA helps private 3rd-party labs and internal engineering labs, visit our laboratory solutions page.



Using a standalone program to manage your equipment outside of your testing software adds an extra step and another place to complete your work.

In this lightening demo you'll see how LASTRADA's integrated equipment management module allows you to manage your equipment while performing your daily work and it speeds up testing by pre loading calibration constants like mold and pycnometer volumes into their respective tests automatically.

Ok the first thing that happens when you log into LASTRADA if you're a person who is responsible to calibrate equipment or equipment assigned to you LASTRADA is going to tell you that things are ready to be calibrated are due for calibration. When I open a piece of equipment you can see we have everything you need to manage equipment for AASHTOR18 which includes specific information about the equipment itself calibration procedures which I've defined for this piece of equipment as well as intervals and alert periods for each piece of equipment. You'll also find a photo of the equipment and documents related to the equipment. Common documents might be in this case a manual for this oven on how to set it, or maybe a calibration procedure or blank datasheet for a calibration procedure. If I open up the historical records for this oven I can also find the historical calibration results as well, including this calibration record for the oven. Lastly, LASTRADA saves calibration constants and uses them in test methods for example pycnometer. If I open a pycnometer in this database, you'll find its weight and volume ready to go for use in an aggregate specific gravity test.

For more ways, LASTRADA can simplify your work check out our other lightning demo videos at or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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