How to Automate Document Organization in the LASTRADA™ Document Vault


LASTRADA™'s Document Vault is more than just completed reports. Whether it's a document generated in LASTRADA or an outside file, our system keeps everything in one convenient, secure location so you no longer have to waste time sorting through your files. In this Lightning Demo, we'll demonstrate how LASTRADA automatically keeps track of version history and categorizes different document types, making it easy for users to store and access their important documents. 


June 25, 2020 5:01 AM / by Sydney Lang

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Accessing the Document Vault

The Document Vault in LASTRADA can be accessed from several modules. You can access a document within a module in the section highlighted below. Any document you need to access is a clean, unedited copy of what was given to the customer. 

Document Vault - Access


Versioning in the Document Vault

LASTRADA stores all the versions of a document in a single location, and shows when a version was last modified. 

Document Vault - Version


Categorizing in the Document Vault

When generating a new report, the system wants to know what kind of document is being created. A window will pop up with a selection of categories, allowing the user to automatically categorize the document correctly.  LASTRADA will number and version documents based on customer settings and document type.

Document Vault - Categorize


Storing in the Document Vault

Upload your completed report to automatically store it in the Document Vault. Once it's been stored, it can no longer be edited. You can also store items not generated in LASTRADA in the document vault, such as relevant photos or test reports from other companies. 

Document Vault - Store


With these key features in the LASTRADA Document Vault, organization is made simpler. The Document Vault eliminates the need to store documents in other file locations, allowing users to do all their work within LASTRADA.


When you want to review a document you sent a client, it's time consuming to look through the file folders and locate any version of a report with its supporting documents that are usually stored in separate files. Additionally, it's difficult to consistently capture modification history with versioning.

In this Lightning Demo, I'll demonstrate how to store, version, categorize, and access your important documents in a single location together in the document vault. LASTRADA's document vault is used to store external documents inside of LASTRADA in a way that they can be referenced quickly when you need to access them. For example, here in equipment management I've got the calibration procedure for this oven.

When we want to generate a report, I can sign the report, say I'm done, and when I go to generate the report the system automatically wants to know what kind of report I'm creating, in order to categorize it properly. And, it will automatically store a copy the report for me inside of this testing program.

So here's my completed report, and here's the same report saved in the document vault so that nobody can edit it and we always have a clean copy of what we sent the customer. You can see all the different versions in the vault along with their modification date. Documents in the document vault aren't limited to documents generated by LASTRADA. We can always upload relevant photos or test reports from other companies as well, using the search icon.

For more ways LASTRADA can simplify your work, check out our other Lightning Demo videos at, or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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