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For construction material testing companies, getting a signature onto a report is often more of an inconvenience than it should be. To sign a report, you have to print, sign, and scan the report. Or you have to scan your signature, save it in a secure place, attach it to the final report document, and convert it into a PDF. If an updated report is needed, you probably have to do most of those steps again


Apr 23, 2019 11:09 AM / by Alexis Goddard


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LASTRADA’s digital signature tool speeds up the report delivery process by allowing you to quickly and easily add a signature to any report run in LASTRADA. 

How Does Digital Signature Work?

Each user has the ability to store their digital signature securely within LASTRADA. In addition to written signatures, users can also include a professional seal or a government seal, if allowed. 

To add a signature to a report, simply run the report and LASTRADA will apply the specified signature cell type. Inside of LASTRADA’s template toolbox, there are a number of available signature cell type options that can be added to a report template. These options include the signature of the person who created the report (the "Author"), along with signatures of other users who approve report data. Place the desired signature cell type inside the template where you want it. (More than one signature cell type can be inserted in the template when multiple signatures are needed.) LASTRADA will insert the digital signature(s) in that location/cell when the report is generated.

Once an approval is made, LASTRADA will automatically apply the approver's signature. LASTRADA will continue to apply the signature to the report anytime it’s re-run without changes. If there is a change to the information on the report such as test data or other material information, LASTRADA will not apply that signature until the data is re-approved. The same holds true if a user removes their approval.  


Getting a signature on to report is a real hassle you have to print sign and scan the report or scan your signature keep it in a safe place and add it to the final document and then make a PDF once you have an approved report it can be a real pain having to repeatedly obtain signatures when you need to resend the report. \

I am Alexis with LASTRADA Partners and in this lightening demo I'll show you how easy it is to utilize LASTRADA's digital signature tool to speed up the report delivery process by adding a digital signature to any report generated in LASTRADA.

This example I have set the report to add the signature of the person creating the report. Here is my signature in my account. When I run the report, my signature, the person who created the report in this case, is added to the cell. I have previously specified inside of LASTRADA's template toolbox there are a number of available signature options including the signatures of every user who have previously reviewed and approved the reports data and authorized their signature for use on the report.

Note that once a signature has been authorized and applied to report, LASTRADA will continue to apply the signature to the report any time it's rerun as long as there are no changes if any information were to change such as a test result or other material information or if a user intentionally remove the signature LASTRADA will no longer apply it to the report. In order to add it back the individual must resign the report users can also use a written signature a professional seal or a government seal of authorized all digital signatures are stored safely and securely to help efficiently meet your customers needs while maintaining control of your signature.

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