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Whether you're a private testing lab or concrete producer, LASTRADA has a fully-functional, easy-to-use concrete quality control module right for the job. LASTRADA's system of organization in its concrete quality control software modules helps engineering labs keep track of important sample tests, along with their testing schedules. In this Lightning Demo, we'll demonstrate some of the key software features LASTRADA has to improve concrete quality control workflow for engineering labs, such as linking relevant information, creating master records, completing reports, and quickly performing analyses.



September 17th, 2020 5:01 AM / by Dan Ridolfi

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Set Up Custom Shapes, Conditions, and Bundles

Engineering labs can simplify adding and scheduling sample sets by setting up custom shapes, curing conditions, and bundles. 

Concrete Quality Control Custom Shapes Conditions Bundles


Automate Test Data Registration

LASTRADA automatically adds all the cylinders in a set and schedules their breaks when a bundle of specimens is added to a testing program. Basic fresh concrete properties such as slump, air temperature, air content, and unit weight can also be logged here.

Concrete Quality Control Automate test data registration


Fresh Concrete Testing

Get more detailed information for monitoring a concrete pour, like 6 intermediate samples taken, or an approach for monitoring water demand. 

Concrete Quality Control Fresh Tests


Technician View of Cylinder Testing

Import or export data from this testing register to break machines, or pull up a template if data will be sent elsewhere. 

Concrete Quality Control Cylinder Testing


Concrete Module 

Scheduled and perform advanced tests for concrete properties in LASTRADA, along with the basic ones. LASTRADA helps you manage the relevant steps in an advanced concrete test. 


Our concrete quality software modules have been co-developed with the world's leading concrete producers, and provide both engineering labs and producers with all the tools they need. 


LASTRADA offers fully functional concrete modules for both private testing labs and concrete producers. The concrete modules are easy to use and organized. In this Lightning Demo, I will show you how the concrete testing lab module stores relevant information together helping organizations efficiently schedule tests, complete reports, and perform analysis with fewer errors.

Engineering labs can set up custom shapes, custom curing conditions, and bundles of shapes with their curing conditions. So when samples are added the entire set is added with one click and all of the breaks are scheduled.
When I add a bundle of specimens, PCC6 in this case to this testing program LASTRADA automatically adds all of the cylinders in the set and schedules their breaks for me.

I can log basic fresh concrete properties here. Or if I'm monitoring a concrete pour, I can take much more detailed
information about six intermediate samples that may have been taken. As well as, an approach for monitoring water demand.

When it is time to test cylinders technicians open this view to show which cylinders are due for testing and data can be imported or exported to break machines from here. If data is not being exchanged with
break machines data would be entered into this testing register page and a bench sheet or datasheet would be
printed like this that tells you which cylinders need to be broken and it gives a spot for the technicians to write the information when they go out to perform the test.

LASTRADA's concrete module schedules and tests standard concrete properties as well as scheduling and testing advanced concrete tests, like chloride ion penetration alkali-silica reactivity and heat of hydration.

For more ways LASTRADA can simplify your work check out our other Lightning Demo videos
at or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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