Create a Unique QC Process with Customizable Aging Conditions in LASTRADA™

To comply with asphalt binder specifications, many companies refine their production processes through creating unique combinations of binder aging conditions. LASTRADA has predefined common aging original RTFO and PAV, along with the flexibility for users to add more aging conditions to meet their unique quality control process. Watch the video below to see how LASTRADA allows users to define common aging conditions and standardize their QC process across an organization.


April 1st, 2021 5:01 AM / by Miguel Conde

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Standard and Custom Binder Aging Conditions

LASTRADA is set up with original, RTFO, and PAV binder aging conditions. Users can easily add up to 997 custom binder aging conditions.

Define Aging Conditions in Binder Software visualization


Define Aging Conditions in Binder Specifications

Add tests to your standard and/or custom aging conditions using a simple checkbox in the Binder Specification module. 

Software Define Aging Conditions Visualization


Asphalt Binder Production QC

Technicians can enter test data in unaged, RTFO, PAV, or custom user-defined aging conditions in the Asphalt Binder Production QC module. 

Software Asphalt Binder Production Visualization


With LASTRADA, your tests and data are organized into logical groups for analysis and reporting.


For more information on how LASTRADA helps asphalt binder producers, visit our binder solutions page.




Asphalt binder specifications require certain minimum properties on age after RTFO aging and after PAV aging. Many companies create unique combinations of agent conditions to refine their production process. I'll show you how LASTRADA's recent release includes user-defined agent conditions. In addition to the test standard on age RTFO and PAV aging conditions organizing their tests and data into logical groups for analysis and reporting.

LASTRADA comes with three standard binder aging conditions, original not shown, RTFO and PAV. Now I've added an aging condition and I'm calling it second PAV in a binder specification, like this pg 7622. I can add tests to my three standard aging conditions and my second PAV custom agent condition. Technicians can now enter data in unaged, RTFO, PAV and second PAV agent conditions

For more ways LASTRADA can help simplify your work, check out our other lightning demo videos at or visit our contact page to speak with one of our engineers.


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