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Apply State and Provincial Rules with a Single Drop-Down in LASTRADA™ 


January 30, 2020 10:07 AM / by Kara Murphy

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Each agency or DOT specify both rounding and significant digits in their DOT specifications. It can often be difficult to keep track of which rules apply to which sample. In LASTRADA, a single drop-down menu allows you to adjust and apply these rules with ease. 

To understand the benefits of this feature, we'll look at adjusting regional settings from three perspectives.

1. Mix Design

When setting up a mix design, we establish rules by which each mix design needs to be calculated using a single drop-down setting. To apply the rules of another region, we simply copy the sample and select the new region, and the sample is automatically updated. 

2. Mixing Plant

At a mixing plant, when we want to determine whether an existing mix design fits the requirements of a new project, we make a copy of the mix design (or what we call a declaration) with it's data and apply the regional rules for the new project using the drop-down selection. Once the new settings are applied, we can re-evaluate the entire data set, its statistics and everything we may need on a report in order to determine what adjustments are needed for it to comply.

Making this adjustment at the Declaration level is a particularly powerful tool for evaluating mixes against a new specification.

3. RAP Stockpiles

With RAP stockpiles, this works the same way.  For instance, if we have a mix design for California and we need to change the design to comply with FAA, we select ASTM/AASHTO with the drop-down, and now LASTRADA will apply the appropriate rules to calculate RAP aggregate specific gravity.

This RAP functionality is particularly powerful for plants that centrally produce wrap or where wrap stockpile sits across state lines and where multiple rules have to be applied to the same stockpile.


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