Caltrans Statistical Pay Factor Performance Evaluation Spreadsheet

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The Caltrans Asphalt Statistical Pay Factor (SPF) specification is in its final stages prior to publication. The SPF system evaluates incentive or disincentive to aggregate gradations test results related to the number 200 sieve, asphalt binder content laboratory tests, in place density of asphalt pavement and laboratory air void test results of plant produced hot mix asphalt (HMA). Acceptance of asphalt pavement will continue to be based on complete aggregate gradation test results, aggregate sand equivalent test, asphalt binder content test, Hamburg wheel tracking test results and other properties currently defined in section 39 of the Standard Specifications for Construction.

The spreadsheet that can be be downloaded on this page will calculate pay incentives/disincentives using past HMA production test data.



Watch this video for a brief demonstration on how to use the SPF tool.
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