Joint Training and Certification Program (JTCP)

California Hot Mix Asphalt and Aggregate Technicians To Be Certified by JTCP 

The second and final pilot training a certification class finished December 15, 2017 and now California materials testing technicians are going to be certified through JTCP for certain test methods. Previously, technician certification was completed through Caltrans independent Assurance (IA) group. Now the JTCP program administered by California State University, Long Beach (CSU Long Beach) is tasked with certification for certain hot mix asphalt (HMA), aggregate and soil test methods used in construction materials quality control and quality assurance laboratory testing. JTCP certifies technicians for test methods in bundles included in each of three modules.  Each JTCP module includes training developed by CSU Long Beach and industry partners administered by pre-qualified instructors, and examination by Caltrans IA staff. Successful completion of training and demonstration of tests included in each module, results in a three year certification for all methods included in a module.

Available modules:

  • HMA I
  • HMA II
  • Soil and Aggregate
  • Portland Cement Concrete Certification completed via American Concrete Institute (ACI) Field Grade I certification


JTCP Modules



Soil and Aggregate

Test Method Name Test Method Name Test Method Name
CT 105  Calculations - Grading  AASHTO T166 Gmb of HMA - SSD CT 105 Calculations - Grading 
CT 125 Sampling (HMA)   AASHTO T209 Gmm of HMA CT 125 Sampling (Soil & Agg) 
AASHTO T 11 Sieve Analysis (Washing)   AASHTO T269  Percent Air Voids - HMA CT 201  Sample Preparation
AASHTO T27 Sieve Analysis   AASHTO T275 Gmb of HMA - Wax Coated  CT 202 Sieve Analysis 
AASHTO T176 Sand Equivalent   AASHTO T308 Asphalt Content by Ignition CT 205 Percent Crushed Particles 
AASHTO T248 Reducing Agg. Samples      CT 216 Relative Compaction 
AASHTO T255 Evap. Moisture Content      CT 217 Sand Equivalent 
 AASHTO T 329  Moisture Content (oven)     CT 226 Moisture Cont. (Soil & Agg) 
 AASHTO T 335  Percentage of Fracture     CT 227 Cleanness Value 
AASHTO R47   Reducing HMA Samples     CT 229 Durability Index 


Useful Links:

California State Long Beach JTCP Web Page

Caltrans JTCP Informational Page

ACI Certification Information


The California Asphalt Pavement Association has been reporting on development of the JTCP in their newsletter. You can read their JTCP articles from the 2017 newsletters here:

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Download Caltrans JTCP One Page Informational Flyer Here:

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