2020 LASTRADA Seminar in the UK


Date: Wednesday, 1st of April 2020

Location: Pinewood Hotel, Manchester, UK

Registration Deadline: 13 March 2020

Cost: Free of charge for all seminar participants 

The aim of this seminar is to bring together potential LASTRADA users from across the UK and Europe. Representing producers, suppliers, laboratories and public authorities from the construction materials industry to explore and discuss the latest LASTRADA features, updates and opportunities related to materials production, materials testing and materials installation in Europe.

Robert Albrecht and Konrad Jung, the managing directors of our LASTRADA team, will give an overview of the key LASTRADA features, newly-developed concrete APP and on our latest technological developments.
There will be time allowing for your questions and open discussions. This includes buffet lunch, coffee break, snacks & soft drinks.





Registration and Reception


Opening Remarks:

  • Warm welcome
  • Introduction to LASTRADA
  • Introduction to Dr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting AG Company



  • Features, updates & latest developments.
  • FPC, QC, Testing, NCR, KPI and Aggregate Receiving Inspection
  • Open Discussion


Coffee Break & Snacks



  • Features, updates & latest developments.
  • Mix Design, QC, FPC, KPI, Interfacing to Weigh-Bridge, Plant Control, ERP,..
  • Open Discussion


Concrete & Concrete App

  • Features, updates & latest developments.
  • Mix Design, FPC, QC, Testing, Interface to Plant Control, ERP, Delivery Tickets, Test Equipment,..
  • Open Discussion



  • Features, updates & latest developments.
  • Sample Management, Workflow Management, Financial Management, Equipment & Archive Management,…
  • Open Discussion


Lunch Reception

13:30- 17:00

Individual B2B Meetings (Upon request)


Individual meetings with interested participants/companies can be scheduled upon request. These meetings will be held after the lunch reception (after 13:30).

Please note: The number of attendees is limited to 15 participants only.

For more information and registration, please complete this form and send it back to:
Mrs. Rawda Naili
Direct Tel: +49 - 30 688 102 6-20
Email: r.naili@jpsc.de