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LASTRADA™ Release 500 is now available!



July 2, 2019 1:30:00 PM / by Alexis Goddard



Here are some of the highlights:



  • The proctor density field has been added to the Aggregate data page.


  • A new test Cleanness value CTM 227.
  • Chemical tests adjustment of test has been added to the test standards for the Lightweight Contaminators.


  • Upper grading- minimum of max passing and upper tolerance limit, and lower grading- maximum of min passing and lower tolerance limit are new curves in the sieve chart.
  • New cell types for reporting of crushed particles with one decimal place have been added.


Master Data:

  • New requirements for the Specification, Declaration and FPC Vbe Effective binder volume have been added.
  • A new column for the Mixture density has been added to the Correction for RAP dialogue.

Mix Design:

  • Calculation mode, GSB has been added in Mix Design and Reclaimed.
  • For non-US customers , this button will calculate from Maximum density of RAP and binder content.  RAP GSB  customers the calculation (which is relevant for the Mix Design) based on the selected State standard.
  • In Mix Design and Asphalt FPC bulk density of Gyratory specimen test has been improved.



  • Article long description and Article no. have been added to Sample section dialogue of the Asphalt FPC columns.
  • The new Asphalt FPC dialogue now has a drop down for Sampled by staff members.
  • The Grading curve button on the Aggregate page will now show FPC limits instead of design limits.
  • Calculation of binder density has improved.


  • Internal limits reporting styles have been added to the following values: Binder content, Density, Swelling, Marshall stability, Marshall flow.

Receiving Inspection Aggregates:

  • The Receiving Inspection Aggregates dialogue and the Selection of aggregate declaration dialogue have a new check box to show only latest declaration per spec.



  • The Test Program FPC Plant selection dialogue in the Contract Administration offers now the possibility to register a Refinery for the bitumen. 



  • New rounding options of hardened concrete density have been added.


  • The Delivery ticket no will now also be transferred when creating a new concrete sample, without having the interface.
  • New tab-sequence in CS test dialogue has been added.


Current users can view a full description of the release notes here:  Release 500




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