Inaugural Internship A Success

Sep 19, 2017 10:23:42 AM / by Dan Ridolfi

LASTRADA Partners is saying goodbye to our summer 2017 intern, Garrett Munt. Garrett is an El Dorado Hills native returning to San Diego State University (SDSU) after successfully completing a summer internship with our engineering and testing software firm.

We want to take an opportunity to thank Garrett for his efforts and wish him the best of luck in the future. We expect Garrett will do well in his career going forward.

LASTRADA Partners’ goal is to help start the career of local El Dorado Hills college students by giving them an opportunity to intern for a professional engineering and software company regardless of major. Garrett is an international business major leaning toward declaring a minor in marketing.

Garrett completed a library of reports for use by LASTRADA™ users while interning with LASTRADA Partners. Included in this library of reports is over 60 pages of Caltrans required documents regularly submitted by construction materials testing laboratories and construction materials producers. When asked about his efforts at LASTRADA Partners Garrett said, “the work can be challenging at time, but it really is fulfilling to see the forms I spent so many hours working on over the summer end up online for all to use. More so than ever before, I can see tangible results from the effort I put into my work and that is very rewarding.”

Garret has already benefitted from the experience. Last year, he applied for a position as an account executive at SDSU’s school newspaper and did not even get an opportunity to interview. This year, he received a phone call within three hours of submitting his application, and will be working in that position starting fall 2017. If you ask Garrett, he is convinced the internship is what separated him from other applicants since he was viewed as someone who already has worked in an office setting and can complete rigorous tasks in a timely manner.

LASTRADA Partners are extremely pleased at the outcome of this internship. Both LASTRADA Partners and Garrett benefited from the intern position, and as a result we will hire another intern again in 2018.

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Dan Ridolfi

Written by Dan Ridolfi